5 Amazing, Easy to prepare drinks for this Winter

Although most places during winter don’t require you to give up your cottons, the climate does change significantly. Pollution levels are typically at their highest; according to a recent report published, Delhi during winter is the most polluted city in the world. Continue reading →


A generation of Doctors who can never afford to grow old

Over the weekend I met up with an old colleague’s son who had come down to The City by The Sea for some work. Like his father, he had also become a doctor, but with a big difference. As we sat down for lunch, somewhere between the soup and the mains we started a conversation that has stuck with me since. Continue reading →

Ethics in Plastic Surgery

For most, when you mention Cosmetic surgery, it has a negative connotation. But the truth is, a majority of procedures that are carried out are NOT ENHANCEMENTS. On the occasion when we are approached to carry out such surgeries we at CSI make sure,

A) A patient’s health isn’t being compromised
B) It isn’t a part of a fetish either for the Patient or for the spouse/ partner Continue reading →